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The Role of Night Splints in Treating Bunions

  The effective treatment of bunions requires both time and patience, and there are often several steps and methods that need to be used in order to produce a satisfactory response. The use of night splits in treating bunions is often highly effective, as the splint is worn next to the skin and is used [...]


Slowing the Progression of Bunions through the Use of Orthotic Devices

  Orthotic devices are medical constructs used to support and/or realign the lower limbs, and they are either purchased ‘over the counter’ or custom designed by a specialist. These devices have a variety of uses, one of them being the slowing of the progression of bunions through the realignment of bones and ligaments and the [...]


Secondary Conditions Associated with Bunions

  Bunions generally cause a host of primary issues in the lower limbs, but they can also cause several secondary conditions to develop as well due to the altered structure and condition of the foot. Whenever an issue develops in one area of the foot it is sure to affect the entire area to varying [...]


Treatment of Bunions with Orthotics

    Hallux Abducto Valgus is the medical name for a condition more often referred to as ‘bunions’, and bunion occur so frequently that most podiatrists examine at least one case of this affliction per day. One question that patients usually ask is if their choice of footwear has caused their bunions to develop, and [...]


How is a Bunion Treated?

  Diagnosis Before bunions can be treated they must first be diagnosed. If a patient experiences a bony growth at the base of the big toe along with redness, tenderness, or swelling then chances are good they have developed a bunion. Once this likelihood has been established an intensive physical examination will occur, followed by [...]


Causes and Treatment of Bunions and Bunion Pain

  The medical term for ‘bunions’ is hallux abducto valgus (HAV), and what this terminology refers to is the bony lump that you often see at the base of the big toe, although it is occasionally seen on the little toe as well. Bunions do not always cause symptoms immediately upon development but in most [...]

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